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Common Questions

Why doesn't my regular dentist perform my surgery?

Every dentist in Idaho is licensed to perform all types of dentistry. Most dentists choose to limit their practices to certain phases of dentistry. Your dentist has chosen to refer patients to another dentist for the surgical care that they require.

Why Dr. Pulsipher?

Your dentist knows that Dr. Pulsipher has the surgical skills and abilities to provide you with the high quality services you deserve. Dr. Pulsipher's practice is designed to provide such surgical services to you in your own dentist's office in which you are already familiar and comfortable. Click Here to learn more about Dr. Pulsipher.

Is Dr. Pulsipher a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery?

Dr. Pulsipher is a General Dentist with advanced training and experience in removal of wisdom teeth, IV sedation, implant placement, tooth removal, simple and complex bone grafting, and tissue grafting. He is licensed and insured to perform these procedures but is not an oral surgeon.

Some patients need to be treated by an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons are trained to complete very complex surgeries including repairing fractured jaws and other facial bones, and care for medically complex patients. Corrective and elective jaw surgery and facial cosmetic surgery, cleft lip and palate repair and head and neck dissection due to cancer are procedures included in their scope of practice. However, most impacted wisdom teeth, implant surgeries and bone grafting procedures can be treated in your dentist's office by Dr. Pulsipher. In the event that your dentist or Dr. Pulsipher feel you will be best serviced by an OMS, you will be referred.